Samsung 82 inch LCD TV

samsung_82_inch_lcdThis Samsung LCD TV measures 82″ from corner to corner which puts it in the category or “too big for most homes”. The TV has some impressive specs along with it’s huge size. The resolution of the TV is 3840 x 2160 which can display images at 120Hz (120 images per second). This provides viewers with Ultra Definition pictures. An interesting feature is the three colour backlight for this thing. By using red, green and blue lights in the back, it can increase true colour saturation to 150% with the NISC standard being 100%.

Sang Soo Kim, executive vice president of the LCD Technology Center at Samsung said it will allow viewers to watch motion pictures as if they are really in them.

You are probably wondering how many figures this huge telly will cost. Unfortunately there is no price or release date details available just yet, but I can imagine it will be in the 5 figure range and possibly low six figure range when it is first release. That’s just a tad too much for me 🙂

Via: Geeky-Gadgets


  1. david wilson says

    Need a price on the 82″ lcd tv by samsung

  2. david wilson says

    its an interesting model and is like in the movie theatre

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