PowerPlus Pirana – Wind Up Shaver

wind-up-shaverThe PowerPlus Piranha is a wind up shaver which means there is no risk of the batteries going dead. Actually, there is still a risk, but not a problem as it can be charged by hand crank.

When you want to have a good shave then wind the crank a few turns and shave away. The internal dynamo generates enough electricity to keep the thing powered for a full shave. If you cannot be bothered winding it up (when the novelty wears off) then you can opt to charge it via a plug.

It’s not a bad idea for those who prefer electric shavers but occasionally forget the power cord when it’s needed the most.

Charging Info

* Shaving time after 1 minute winding: 1 to 2 minutes
* Trimmer time after 1 minute winding: 1 minute
* Shaving time fully charged: > 60 minutes
* Trimmer time fully charged: 45 minutes
* Charging time full charged: 8 hours

The PowerPlus Pirana wind up shaver costs £24.99 and is available from Nigels Eco Store.

Via: GeekAlerts

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