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Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Now has 20,000 Apps

Microsoft is seeing some decent growth in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Over the last few days the total number of approved apps has hit 20,000. At the time of writing this there are 20237 apps in the Marketplace and out of those, 1174 are currently inactive. We also lean from wp7applist that 48% of those are free and that the average price of an app is $1.44.

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Samsung Galaxy S III To Arrive 1H 2012

Having just launched the Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung is now looking forwards to release the Galaxy S III. The Galaxy S class smartphones seem to be following a yearly cycle which means we can expect to see the 3rd generation device launching sometime in the first half of 2012.

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Sony NGP RAM Could Drop to 256MB

When Sony announced the NGP in January this year we also heard that it would have 512MB RAM. To cut down on manufacturing costs, it seems that this will now be reduced to 256MB.

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iChromy Browser Brings Chrome Features to the iPad

Diigo Inc has launched a new web browser for the iPad called iChromy. The new browser is described as bringing the best of Chrome’s interface and speed to the iPad.

The browser is a little different to the standard iPad Safari in that it uses tabs across the top of the screen that allow you to more quickly jump between different opened web pages. To save space, the address bar automatically hides when scrolling down the screen.

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Vodafone VIP Truck Can Simultaneously Charge 2000 Smartphones

The Vodafone VIP Recharging Truck has been built to travel to festivals in the UK and provide a source of free power for Vodafone customers. One of the problems when attending a festival is that your phone battery is likely to die before the event finishes. As many people still want to text and capture pictures, this truck comes in handy as it can charge up to 2000 smartphones at the same time.

The charging system provides power to charge a phone at the same speed you’d be able to charge it at home. It is expected that this summer, 72,000 smartphones will be charged by this truck.

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MacBook Air with ARM A5 Processor In Testing

A suggestion has been made that hints at Apple testing ARM A5 processors in preparation for the launch of the next-gen MacBook Air. It is believed that Apple is in the process of testing and building MacBook Air laptops with the new A5 processor. This particular processor is the same that is found in the new iPad 2.

Reasons Apple could switch to the A5 would probably be related to the low power consumption of the chip along with compatibility with iOS devices. A debate is going on about how this processor compares to the likes of those created by Intel and used in current Mac models. Compatibility for regular software could be an issue as some sort of emulation might need to happen.

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Windows 8 Tablet Preview Could be Next Week

Microsoft is working on its next version of tablet software. This will be Windows 8, but until now the launch/debut date has not been known. We now hear that Microsoft could unveil Windows 8 for Tablet computers as early as next week. The debut will be at the AllThingsDigital conference that will be held next week.

The specific tablet it will debut on is not known, but reports indicate it will be based on an NVIDIA Tegra Chip/

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iRemoco RC iOS Controlled Helicopter Launching

iRemoco is an RC helicopter that is controlled by an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The kit comes with a radio device that connects to the 30 pin dock connector on your iOS device. When connected, you load up an app and can then be used to fly an RC helicopter around with either two on-screen analogue controls, or by a single control and motion to move the helicopter around a room.

The app also can be used to switch between three different frequencies so that up to three helicopters can be used at the same time.

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HTC Bootloader Will Now be Unlocked

Over on the official HTC Facebook page, Peter Chou has officially announced that HTC will now open up bootloaders on HTC phones. The company will no longer lock bootloaders and in turn, allow easier access to each device.

At the moment it isn’t clear if HTC will apply this to all past devices. We are waiting for more details on this, but we suspect that HTC might, where possible, also unlock bootloaders of older devices.

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Apple Could use Samsung AMOLED Screen on iPad 3

The iPad 3 could be launched with an AMOLED screen according to one report today. Apple COO/acting CEO Tim Cook made a visit to South Korea last week and a suggestion has been made that he visited one of the Samsung factories (Gen-5.5). It is also believed Apple made an advanced payment for the displays.

The current capacity is 48,000 substrates per month at this particular factory and it isn’t clear how many screens can be made from each substrate. By the end of the year, the number is expected to ramp up to 100,000 substrates per month.

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Google Wallet Announced – Also Compatible with Non-NFC Smartphones

Google Wallet was announced by Google yesterday which brings the ability to use your smartphone to make mobile payments. By using an NFC enabled smartphone (Nexus S), you can store your card details in the phone and then make payment using the MasterCard PayPass system. For those without an NFC enabled smartphone, we hear from TechCrunch that special stickers will be used to make payment although this iteration of the system is more limited than the fully fledged NFC way.

Google Wallet is an app that will be launched soon on Android smartphones. When launched, card details, loyalty cards and gift cards will be capable of being stored. This means that you can carry your wallet around with you, without the bulk of all the cards. Looking forwards to the future, Google also comment that boarding passes, ID cards and keys will also be able to be stored in Google Wallet.

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Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis Stasis iPad 2 Case Review

The problem with iPad 2 smartcovers is that you are always conscious of the back of the device being scratched. The smartcover does a good job of protecting the screen, but that’s all it protects.

The Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis Stasis case is one option that can provide more protection for your new iPad 2. The cases are available in several materials which includes Genuine Leather, Saddleback Leather, Napa Leather and Veggie Leather. The case wraps around the whole of the iPad 2 to keep it protected. The inside of the case is covered in microsuede that helps keep the screen protected when the case is closed. The Stasis part of the name was chosen as the case is capable of switching the iPad 2 on and off by opening/closing the front cover.

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