Samsung Galaxy S III To Arrive 1H 2012

Having just launched the Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung is now looking forwards to release the Galaxy S III. The Galaxy S class smartphones seem to be following a yearly cycle which means we can expect to see the 3rd generation device launching sometime in the first half of 2012.

As well as preparing new hardware for the 2012 launch of the Galaxy S III, Samsung is also planning an updated version of the Galaxy Tab. This will be a 4G model and will be built with a launch date of later this year in mind.

The race for 4G has already started … 4G transition is inevitable particularly for tablets because it requires faster download speeds than smartphones to handle bigger volume content.” J.K. Shin, president of mobile communications, Samsung

It isn’t known at the moment what kind of 4G technology will be used, but we assume the standards will be adopted for certain networks in the US as well as for compatibility in many parts (where 4G is available), around the world.

Going back to the Galaxy S III smartphone… we expect to see a general update to the speed, RAM and also expect to see it using the very latest version of Android.

Source and Morning Star

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