Apple Could use Samsung AMOLED Screen on iPad 3

The iPad 3 could be launched with an AMOLED screen according to one report today. Apple COO/acting CEO Tim Cook made a visit to South Korea last week and a suggestion has been made that he visited one of the Samsung factories (Gen-5.5). It is also believed Apple made an advanced payment for the displays.

The current capacity is 48,000 substrates per month at this particular factory and it isn’t clear how many screens can be made from each substrate. By the end of the year, the number is expected to ramp up to 100,000 substrates per month.

We personally believe this not to be the case for a few reasons. First is that Samsung will probably want to use AMOLED screens on their own tablets rather than letting a competitor get an edge. This is of course debatable though as Samsung is normally willing to provide technology for others such as processors, NAND and various other components.

The rumour also hints at Apple shipping the iPad 3 at the end of this year which also doesn’t make too much sense with the lead that they have on other tablets. We suspect Apple will stick with the yearly cycle and launch March/April 2012, perhaps with a higher resolution screen. As for AMOLED being that screen, we are not too convinced although it certainly would make it look good with the more vibrant colours, blacker blacks and high refresh rate.


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