Sony NGP RAM Could Drop to 256MB

When Sony announced the NGP in January this year we also heard that it would have 512MB RAM. To cut down on manufacturing costs, it seems that this will now be reduced to 256MB.

The main reason for the drop will probably be related to the Nintendo 3DS and Sony wanting to remain competitive in the handheld market.

There are obvious implications on a system having 256MB vs 512MB which could now see the quality of games slightly dropped. However, another reason for the drop could be simply that 512MB was deemed not necessary by Sony.

Graphics power is expected to remain the same in that the 128MB chip inside will not be lowered to 64MB. Business Insider and 01net report that Flash memory will be dropped though.

When Sony first revealed the Sony NGP, it was also known at the time that this wasn’t the final model and Sony has given themselves some room to maneuver in terms of technical specs.

Via: Coated

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