Windows 8 Tablet Preview Could be Next Week

Microsoft is working on its next version of tablet software. This will be Windows 8, but until now the launch/debut date has not been known. We now hear that Microsoft could unveil Windows 8 for Tablet computers as early as next week. The debut will be at the AllThingsDigital conference that will be held next week.

The specific tablet it will debut on is not known, but reports indicate it will be based on an NVIDIA Tegra Chip/

If all goes ahead with the preview next week, we only then need to find out when exactly Microsoft will launch some tablets running the operating system. We suggest they move sooner rather than later as to not get left behind the iOS and Android group of tablets that have already launched over the past 12 months. Steve Ballmer hinted in a recent comment that Microsoft was preparing to launch in 2012. If that’s the case, the iPad will be on it’s 3rd generation around that time which gives Apple a significant start.

We’ll keep an eye on this one and see what happens next week. What’s interesting to note is that the three people who leaked the information (anonymously) have also commented that Microsoft will also preview the tablet over at Computex.

Source Via: CrunchGear

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