Vodafone VIP Truck Can Simultaneously Charge 2000 Smartphones

The Vodafone VIP Recharging Truck has been built to travel to festivals in the UK and provide a source of free power for Vodafone customers. One of the problems when attending a festival is that your phone battery is likely to die before the event finishes. As many people still want to text and capture pictures, this truck comes in handy as it can charge up to 2000 smartphones at the same time.

The charging system provides power to charge a phone at the same speed you’d be able to charge it at home. It is expected that this summer, 72,000 smartphones will be charged by this truck.

The charging truck is free to use if you are a Vodafone customer and is capable of charging Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia phones.

As can be seen in the picture above, the truck has several charging lanes with one for entry and one for exiting the truck. The truck weighs 44 tons.

It isn’t clear how the system will work in that how they check if you are a vodafone customer, or how secure the truck is, but from what we see on another picture (below), it appears that each device is locked away.


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