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Toshiba WT310/C Windows 7 Tablet Launched in Japan

Toshiba has launched a new tablet called the WT310/C over in Japan. The new tablet/slate runs the Windows 7 Professional operating system and has been made specifically for the business and enterprise markets.

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Apple iOS 5, Lion and iCloud to be Announced at WWDC

Apple has announced that iOS 5, Lion and iCloud will all be announced at WWDC this year. The event is being held on June 6 at 10:00am.

Each of the new software and services will be announced in the keynote presentation by Steve Jobs as well as other Apple execs.

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Nokia Ship First Symbian Anna Smartphones – The E6 and X7

Nokia has begun shipping two new smartphones called the Nokia E6 and the Nokia X7. Both of these new smartphones contain the latest Symbian update called Anna. Symbian Anna provides a better user experience on Nokia phones (in Nokia’s words – not tested it yet here) as follows:

– Faster and better web experience with an all new browser.
– The long-awaited portrait QWERTY plus split screen text input.
– All new Ovi Maps with public transport routes and other enhancements.

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Refurbished MacBook Air Drops $170 – Refresh Coming Soon?

Apple could be preparing to launch a refresh of the MacBook Air. We have been hearing rumours about this for the past few weeks and the latest hint is that Apple just dropped the price of the refurbished MacBook Air by $170.

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Smartphone and Tablet Combine in to TransPhone

Yesterday we saw the ASUS PadFone and today, we see the TransPhone from CMIT. The device follows the same principle as the PadFone in that the smartphone docks in the tablet to be charged and provide a larger screen when needed. When we say it follows the same principle, it was actually unveiled before the PadFone which seems to mean that ASUS isn’t the only one who has the idea of combining the two devices.

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ASUS Unveil MeMo Glasses-Free 3D Tablet

The ASUS MeMo is a glasses-free 3D tablet. It was first unveiled at CES earlier this year and once again, has been put on display over at Computex.

The difference between the CES model and the Computex model is that the new version now has 3D. It uses a 7 inch screen that has a resolution of 1280 x 600 pixels. The display also uses IPS technology that provides a wide viewing angle.

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NVIDIA Kal-El Shadowgun Demo

Yesterday, we reported on a tablet app called Glowball that was specifically designed to be run on the yet to be released NVIDIA Quad-core Kal-El processor. The demo showed real time rendering of graphics as well as a comparison between dual-core and quad-core processors.

Today, we now see that a new demonstration has arrived called Shadowgun. This game will be one of the first launched that will make use of the new quad-core Kal-El processor from NVIDIA. Unfortunately, the demo isn’t running on a quad-core processor, but instead, it’s on a Tegra 2 powering the Acer Iconia.

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Samsung Galaxy Pro Review

Over the past few weeks I’ve been testing a Samsung Galaxy Pro smartphone. The phone runs the Android 2.2 operating system and departs from the usual large screen devices in that it has a QWERTY keypad below the screen. The phone uses the similar layout to a Blackberry or Nokia E series device. The QWERTY keyboard has 4 rows of keys. The screen is 2.8 inches and has a QVGA resolution of 320×240 pixels and is a capacitive touchscreen.

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NVIDIA Quad-Core Kal-El Processor

NVIDIA has created a new Quad-Core processor called the Kal-El that is capable of creating some very realistic real-time rendering with dynamic lighting and other effects. The CPU is specifically designed for tablet devices and is expected to be first launched in the new Amazon Hollywood Tablet.

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ASUS Padfone Now Official

ASUS has released some official photos of the new Padfone that was leaked earlier. The device is both a tablet and a smartphone in one package and works as a hybrid solution. The smartphone part of the device can be detached from the back of the tablet which allows the user to more easily make phone calls.

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Extending the Touchscreen Project

Extending the Touchscreen is a thesis project by Michael Knuepfel. The project provides working examples on how an iPad or iPhone touchscreen can be extended beyond the normal usage. The system uses conductive materials to help the user interact with an application or device in more depth than what normally can be achieved.

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Polymer Vision Create 6 Inch Rollable Screen

Polymer Vision has created a new rollable screen that measures 6 inches. The screen has an SVGA resolution of 800×600 pixels. The screen is flexible enough to comfortably roll around a dime.

The screen has a lifetime of about 25,000 uses.

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