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Angry Birds Now at 200 Million Downloads

Angry Birds has been a huge success for Rovio. Back in December it hit an impressive 50 million downloads. We now hear from TechCrunch that it has now hit 200 million downloads which is more than double what was expected by the company.

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iPhone 4 Noise Cancellation is Powered by Audience

iFixit has revealed that the iPhone 4 has noise cancellation technology that is powered by Audience. Audience is the same chip that is used in the Google Nexus One in that two microphones are used with one capturing the voice and the other capturing background noise. The chip then can cut out background noise to make better quality calls.

The iPhone 4 uses this same technology. When iFixit first took the iPhone 4 apart, they did find two microphones but it wasn’t clear what technology was being used for noise cancellation. After another look inside the iPhone 4 when the Verizon model launched, the same mysterious unknown chip was found inside. Rather than ignore it, Chipworks (friends of iFixit), decided to take a look inside the chip and they found the following:

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Nokia N9 Spotted in Advert

An advert showing the Nokia N9 has leaked. The new ad looks to be officially made by Nokia and shows a few features of the N9. With this in mind, it’s believed that the new MeeGo powered smartphone will be launching soon.

Although it is believed to be a MeeGo powered smartphone, there’s also some hints that it could be using Anna. Symbian Anna is the new version of Symbian^3 that currently runs on the latest Nokia phones. Until Nokia make an official announcement, or if info leaks, we wont know for sure which OS it runs. If you take a look at the Facebook Page found here, you might also see that it could actually be MeeGo after all.

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Dual and Quad Core Amazon Tablets Could Arrive This Year

Amazon is likely to be launching two new tablets by the end of this year. The two tablets are codenamed Coyote and Hollywood with Coyote being the entry level tablet which will utilise a Dual-Core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor inside. Moving on to Hollywood, it is expected that Amazon will use a quad-core chip called the NVIDIA T30 “Kal-El”.

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iPhone 5 to Lack NFC

Near Field Communications (NFC) was first rumored to be arriving in the iPhone 4 last year. This of course didn’t happen. Due to a few Apple patents, these rumors were then reignited for the soon to be released iPhone 5. We now hear that this also wont be happening.

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HP Launch the x2301 Ultra Thin Monitor

The x2301 is a new display from HP that measures 23 inches diagonal and is also classed as being very thin. The monitor is just 9.8mm thin which is achieved by moving a lot of the electronics in to the base/stand of the monitor. The weight of the screen is also quite low at 7.7lbs.

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AGC Create 0.1mm Thin Glass for TFT and OLED Screens

AGC has created new glass that measures just 0.1mm thin. The glass can be used for either OLED or TFT-LCD screens.

Alkali-free glass, composed mainly of silicon dioxide, boron oxide and aluminum oxide, is free of alkaline elements such as sodium and potassium, and is used widely as substrates for TFT-LCD and OLED.

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SoftLayer Create Time Lapse of “Truck Day”

If you want to know what Truck Day is, it’s the day at Soft Layer where a mass amount of servers are delivered and installed within the day.

This time around Truck Day saw the delivery of 750 rack mountable servers and the whole process from delivery to installation was captured on video in a time lapse.

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LG Optimus Pad Arrives in the UK

LG has launched the LG Optimus Pad in the UK. The device runs the Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system and has an 8.9 inch display. The processor running that tablet is an NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual-Core.

A unique feature of the Optimus Pad is that it utilises dual cameras on the back which each can capture at 5 megapixels. By combining both cameras together, 3D video is capable of being captured on the device.

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Samsung Has Announced a 2560×1600 Display

Samsung has announced a new display that measures 10.1 inches and crams 2560×1600 pixels on to the screen. The display has a DPI of 300 and comes close to the DPI of the Retina display used in the iPhone 4. The new screen will be on display on May 17-19 at the SID Display Week in the LA Convention center.

The technology used on the screen is LCD and with that pixel density of 300 DPI, it allows more clarity in small text which makes reading, browsing and over tablet based activities a little better.

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Google Chromebook Coming to Three UK

Three UK has been selected as a 3G connectivity partner for the new Google Chromebooks that were announced earlier this week.

Over on the Google Chromebook website we see that several options are available for 3G subscription services. Three will be offering plans that start at £2.99/month and move up to £25/month all dependent on how much data you need and want.

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Angry Birds Rio Update Coming Soon – Beach Volley Ball

RovioMobile has released a video on YouTube showing us what we can expect from the next update to Angry Birds Rio. The next set of levels (aka episode) is titled Beach Volley and sees the Angry Birds visit the beach.

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