Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis Stasis iPad 2 Case Review

The problem with iPad 2 smartcovers is that you are always conscious of the back of the device being scratched. The smartcover does a good job of protecting the screen, but that’s all it protects.

The Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis Stasis case is one option that can provide more protection for your new iPad 2. The cases are available in several materials which includes Genuine Leather, Saddleback Leather, Napa Leather and Veggie Leather. The case wraps around the whole of the iPad 2 to keep it protected. The inside of the case is covered in microsuede that helps keep the screen protected when the case is closed. The Stasis part of the name was chosen as the case is capable of switching the iPad 2 on and off by opening/closing the front cover.

The case is quite versatile in that there are 8 different positions that can be used to prop the iPad up. This includes 5 different viewing angles from 20 to 70 degrees when the iPad is in landscape mode as well as ways to prop the iPad 2 up in portrait mode in either left or right handed mode. Each method of holding up the iPad is fairly firm in that you can work without the iPad falling over.

When putting the iPad 2 in landscape mode, the five viewing angles are set by folding the cover of the case over to the back and opening up a stand which uses velcro to keep the stand in the correct place. With the stand being attached with hooks and loops, it keeps the iPad firmly in place.

For portrait mode, the iPad 2 does seem to be a little more wobbly, but at the same time it did stay standing whilst using it. The cover of the case has two flaps which fold back when needed and form part of a stand so that the iPad 2 can slightly tilt back a few degrees whilst in portrait mode.

On the back of the case, a small cut out can be found for the camera to look through. The hole is slightly larger than the camera which allows a bit of movement in the case without obscuring the vision of the camera. On the front, two cut outs can be found which allow for the camera and proximity sensor as well as the home button to be accessible. Just as the camera cut out at the back, these features are also cut correctly which in turn, allows easy access to the home button and ample space for the camera to be used.

The iPad 2 is inserted from the outer side of the case and held within the case with a small velcro strap. The iPad is kept secure inside and fits snugly in the case. Although the outer right edge of the iPad is slightly exposed with only a thin velcro strap around it, this wasn’t particularly a concern as the iPad sits slightly inside the edges of the case and if dropped, it would be unlikely to sustain damage on that right hand edge. Due to no casing being on the right side, volume controls as well as the lock/mute switch are also easily accesible.

On the bottom side of the iPad, a cut out can be found for the docking connector to fasten to. A cut out for the speaker is also present.

On the top side, cutouts for the headphone jack, mic and power button are also accessible.

Overall, it’s quite an impressive case. A bit of bulk and weight is added to the iPad 2, but at the same time, it gives peace of mind that the back of the iPad will be protected from being scratched and if dropped, it will be safer than dropping an iPad 2 with a smartcover on the front.

Is it something I would use? I have tested the case on and off for about a month now to see how well it performs. The case or cover I choose each day is determined by where I am going with my iPad 2. If I think there is minimal risk, such as using indoors then I tend to use the smartcover, if out and about and moving the iPad around more, I opt for the Tri-Axis case to provide that extra protection for the tablet.

Price wise, Tuff-Luv cases are selling the Tri-Axis Stasis in genuine leather for £39.99 in the UK.

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