iChromy Browser Brings Chrome Features to the iPad

Diigo Inc has launched a new web browser for the iPad called iChromy. The new browser is described as bringing the best of Chrome’s interface and speed to the iPad.

The browser is a little different to the standard iPad Safari in that it uses tabs across the top of the screen that allow you to more quickly jump between different opened web pages. To save space, the address bar automatically hides when scrolling down the screen.

Other features include an offline Read Later function that allows you to click and save a page for reading offline. Sharing is also built in which allows you to share content more easily to the likes of Twitter and Facebook as well as others.

iChromy launched yesterday and is a free download. Some new features are currently being worked on which will bring a .com button to the keyboard along with a scroll to top function when you hit the iPad status bar.

You can download it now from the iTunes store. After a bit of testing earlier today, I actually quite like it and as it’s free, you can quickly test with no financial commitment.


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