MacBook Air with ARM A5 Processor In Testing

A suggestion has been made that hints at Apple testing ARM A5 processors in preparation for the launch of the next-gen MacBook Air. It is believed that Apple is in the process of testing and building MacBook Air laptops with the new A5 processor. This particular processor is the same that is found in the new iPad 2.

Reasons Apple could switch to the A5 would probably be related to the low power consumption of the chip along with compatibility with iOS devices. A debate is going on about how this processor compares to the likes of those created by Intel and used in current Mac models. Compatibility for regular software could be an issue as some sort of emulation might need to happen.

Although Apple may be testing ARM A5 chips in the MacBook Air, it’s certainly no guarantee that they will choose to go down this route as tests could reveal problems. Apple will also likely test numerous configurations to squeeze the best battery life and performance out of a device with this test being one of many being performed.


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