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White iPhone 4 To Arrive in the UK in March

We are hearing reports today that the White iPhone 4 will finally be landing in the UK next month in March. This will finally see the smartphone being made available several months after it was originally intended to arrive.

Back in June 2010, the iPhone 4 was announced and also Apple announced at the time that they would have a white version available. The white version was then delayed and delayed again and we are still waiting for it to arrive. [Read more…]

iPad 2 Screen Captured – Thins Down the Bezel

Pictures of the iPad 2 screen have leaked on to the Internet. What we see is a comparison between the iPad and the iPad 2 display. The new one is thinner by about 1mm and also has a slimmer bezel which should help shrink the iPad 2 down a little in size.

Some investigations have revealed that the screen will still have the 1024×768 resolution and not be retina as originally rumored. This is thanks to the model number found on a sticker with the reference number LP097x02 SLN1. Each of those sets of digits has a meaning such as it being created by LG Phillips, 097 refers to it being a 9.7 inch screen, SL means H-IPS and N1 is unknown at the moment. The 02 refers to the resolution. [Read more…]

HTC Inspire 4G Arriving on AT&T February 13

AT&T has announced that it will be shipping the HTC Inspire 4G in February 13.

The Inspire 4G will run Android 2.2 when it launches and will be an HSPA+ device that will run at almost 4G speeds when connected up to the AT&T network.

Other features include the AT&T mobile hotspot service allowing users to share bandwidth over a small network. [Read more…]

PlayStation Move Could Move to PC

The PlayStation Move could be moving to the PC from what we hear today. The PS3 motion controller is expected to become part of a project called Move Server which will see PlayStation Move games being created for the PC which in turn, will allow the Move controller to be used on the PC.

SCEA will be holding a conference this year which will be used to explain what Move Server is all about and from what we understand now, it is being designed to let developers, academics and hobbyists all work with the controller in more unique ways. [Read more…]

Android 3.0 Honeycomb Not Just for Tablets

Earlier today we posted that Android 3.0 Honeycomb had some hints in the SDK that it would work on smartphone sized devices as well. This was found, thanks to the emulator that allowed the resolution to be set at a smartphone size rather than a large tablet size.

In an interview with All Things D, one of the guys from Google, Matias Duarte, said the following…

“Tablet was the focus, but the changes we did also free it up to be more flexible for other contexts as well, it’s about really eliminating all the barriers to all the different kinds of form factors that people might want to interact with.”

[Read more…]

Samsung Galaxy S 2 Shows Up in Promo Video

Samsung has released a video that teases the Samsung Galaxy S 2. In the embedded video below, Samsung refer to the device as the Next Galaxy S and seem to show a rendering of what looks to be a very slim device.

What we expect from the Galaxy S 2 is that it’ll run the Android 2.3 operating system as well as have a faster processor. The original Galaxy S was a fantastic device and despite a few GPS issues, it was a good device. It could shift millions of triangles per second making it one of the most powerful smartphones of 2010. [Read more…]

iPad 2 1.2GHz Dual Core CPU Rumored

More details of the iPad 2 have leaked out in the last couple of days. This time, the rumors/leaks revolve around the screen, processor and the size of the tablet.

The first rumor hints at Apple opting for a 1.2GHz dual core processor. The processor will be the Cortex A9 and as well as having the dual core processor, hints at it having an Imagination Technologies SGX 543 dual core GPU have also been mentioned. We also hear that RAM will be bumped up to 512MB rather than the 256MB available on the current iPad. [Read more…]

Nook Color Android 3.0 Download Now Available

We mentioned yesterday that Android 3.0 was ported over to a rooted Nook Color. We hear today that the Android 3.0 download is now available.

The Honeycomb port needs to run from an SD card and the developer who managed to port it over has managed to get several functions working on the device. [Read more…]

Windows Phone 7 Data Leak Caused by Yahoo! Mail App

Microsoft has confirmed that a problem exists with the Yahoo! Mail app on Windows Phone 7. The problem is that the application uses 25 times more data than it should whilst loading up and retrieving emails. For those who often use WiFi, it might not be a huge problem, but for those on 3G, it could be quietly eating away at a lot of your data allowance each month.

The problem was found by Rafael over at Windows Phone Secrets who managed to check IMAP packets being sent. By using a script to strip out encryption, he was able to find that the Yahoo mail server doesn’t respond correctly to FETCH requests which in turn, increases traffic actually needed by a hefty 25 times. He goes on to say that problems also exist separately to this in that the WiFi has a habit of sometimes disconnecting and quietly switching users to 3G when they expect to be on Wireless. [Read more…]

Android 3.0 Honeycomb Smartphone Support Hinted At

Google said recently that Android 3.0 was designed specifically for tablet form factors only. For those running smartphones, the current versions fall in to the 2.x range, specifically 2.3 if you have new enough hardware.

Ice Cream Sandwich is the next Smartphone version which is expected to launch in the next 4 to 5 months. This new version is expected to fall in the 2.X version.

Something interesting has been found in the Android 3.0 SDK though which hints at 3.0 also being compatible with smartphones. The emulator used in the SDK can actually be set to a lower resolution to match a smartphone screen sized resolution. [Read more…]

Apple Blocks Sony Reader App

This will certainly have the news sites talking today. It appears that the Sony Reader app for iOS was not approved by Apple. Sony spoke to the Times and basically said that its app was blocked by Apple because it allows in app purchases to be made from a different company. If true, it seems that Apple wants all content to be sold through the iTunes store rather from the Sony eBook store.

What we don’t understand at the moment is what will happen to apps like the Amazon Kindle app, Nook and other apps that allow you to connect up and sync content from a 3rd party location. Will Apple ban these? Perhaps Sony isn’t telling us the full reasons why the app was banned, and maybe they tried to do something different to what Kindle and Nook apps do to get content. [Read more…]

PlayBook and BlackBerry Connection Demonstrated on Video

You probably know that the PlayBook from RIM is a device that can, in some ways, work alone. But for the corporate email type stuff, the device actually needs to be tethered to a BlackBerry smartphone to function correctly.

Up until this video (embedded below) was released, many were just taking a guess at exactly how the connection between the two devices would work. Thankfully, we now know exactly what to expect.

What we see in the video is the PlayBook connected wirelessly up to a BlackBerry Torch and with that connection, the PlayBook is able to check email and edit what is on the BlackBerry. However, the data is just on loan so to speak, as when the connection is broken, the emails are removed from the PlayBook and cannot be accessed until a connection is restored. [Read more…]