PlayStation Move Could Move to PC

The PlayStation Move could be moving to the PC from what we hear today. The PS3 motion controller is expected to become part of a project called Move Server which will see PlayStation Move games being created for the PC which in turn, will allow the Move controller to be used on the PC.

SCEA will be holding a conference this year which will be used to explain what Move Server is all about and from what we understand now, it is being designed to let developers, academics and hobbyists all work with the controller in more unique ways.

The MIcrosoft Kinect has been a popular controller in terms of hacking and attaching it to a PC. We’ve seen a bunch of demos that show how the controller can be used in more ways than originally designed for. Perhaps with this official shift for Sony, we’ll also see some new ways that the Move Controller can be used for.

As for when we can expect to see Move Server, the launch will be in the next few weeks, or at least the initial demonstrations will be.

Via: UberGizmo and Kotaku


  1. Sony is trying to compete with the Kinect here but I don’t really see this working out all too well for them.. The Kinect is new technology that is being used to detect the whole body. The move is just like the wiimote which everyone has hacked into PC’s for a long time now.

  2. facebookguru says

    Nice move for the PC,if it will happen than it would be really appreciable for users want to play on their PC.But still it is confusing that how the experience would be,we have to wait till he moment comes.

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