Nook Color Android 3.0 Download Now Available

We mentioned yesterday that Android 3.0 was ported over to a rooted Nook Color. We hear today that the Android 3.0 download is now available.

The Honeycomb port needs to run from an SD card and the developer who managed to port it over has managed to get several functions working on the device.

Features already working in the port include:

* Graphics acceleration
* Accelerometer
* Wireless
* Touchscreen
* Buttons
* Sleep/Wake

For those who have a rooted Nook Color, you can grab it now. Remember that this is an early version and that a few bugs will show up. However, the developers who create these ports tend to be quick at getting problems solved, so expect within a month or so that a final and stable version will be made available.

If you do decide to test it for yourself, just remember that rooting any device carries certain risks, so do it with caution. Also, let us know how you get on in the comments below.

Full details of how to root and install Android 3.0 can be found over at XDA developers.

Via: Android Central


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