iPad 2 Screen Captured – Thins Down the Bezel

Pictures of the iPad 2 screen have leaked on to the Internet. What we see is a comparison between the iPad and the iPad 2 display. The new one is thinner by about 1mm and also has a slimmer bezel which should help shrink the iPad 2 down a little in size.

Some investigations have revealed that the screen will still have the 1024×768 resolution and not be retina as originally rumored. This is thanks to the model number found on a sticker with the reference number LP097x02 SLN1. Each of those sets of digits has a meaning such as it being created by LG Phillips, 097 refers to it being a 9.7 inch screen, SL means H-IPS and N1 is unknown at the moment. The 02 refers to the resolution.

Other than that, not much else is revealed other than more pictures of various parts to compare the width of the screen as well as the bezel and other features of the device.

What are your thoughts… should Apple have gone to a higher resolution or does the current display work for you?

More pictures at 9to5Mac.

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