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Kinect Used as a 3D Scanner for 3D Printing

Kinect hacks seem to have slowed down a bit since the device first launched. Today though, we see quite an ingenious hack that allows the Kinect to capture you in 3D and then use that data to fabricate a 3D print of you.

Right now, the tool for testing is not finished and the results are not as clear as they could be. However, it does work and it can capture pictures of users that can in turn, be printed. [Read more…]

More iPad 2 Pictures Surface

We’re just a couple of days away from seeing the real iPad 2, but leaks continue to appear. The next up is what looks to be a rendering of the back of the iPad. It matches what we have seen before in earlier leaks in that it has the same larger speaker that continues around the back. It has a flat back, camera, black 3G bar along with the usual buttons around the edges.

We don’t know for sure if it is a real render, or if it’s just fan made. We do know that the images posted the other day (linked above), are actually fake and were created from the exact dimensions provide by Apple to a case supplier, so although fake, they could be almost what we see in a month or so time. [Read more…]

Free Amazon Kindle Could Be in the Pipeline

An interesting analysis has been going around today that hints that the Kindle from Amazon could eventually be given away for free. Although it might seem bizarre that an electronic device with no subscription costs could be free and make money, I think there is some possibility in this.

Looking at the graph below, we see the price of the Kindle started around the $350 mark and then dropped in price three more times. This pricing almost perfectly followed a straight line on the graph. When looking forwards to the end of the year, some time in mid November will potentially see the Kindle being given away for free. [Read more…]

2011 MacBook Pro Benchmarked

Yesterday, Apple launched the new 2011 MacBook Pro range. Some of the new models include a quad-core Intel i7 processor. Some guys who managed to get hold of them today have started benchmarking them with Geekbench 2.

The scores are all impressive and average around the 10000 mark. When compared to last years MacBook Pro models, the scores are almost double on the newer models. [Read more…]

Angry Birds and More Coming to Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has announced that several games are coming to the Windows Phone 7 platform. Several popular games are mentioned in the list which includes the famous Angry Birds along with Doodle Jump and Plants vs Zombies to name a few.

The list forms part of the spring lineup and each game is expected to arrive on the WP7 Marketplace on April 6th. [Read more…]

The Daily Coming to Android in the Spring

At the moment, the only place you can read The Daily is on the Apple iPad. This is about to change though as it seems there is an Android tablet version being prepared for launch.

It is expected that The Daily will launch on Android devices at the beginning of the second quarter of this year and when it does, it will break the current exclusivity.

The Daily launch on the Android platform is likely to be related to the release of the Android 3.0 Honeycomb release that first arrived today on the Motorola Xoom. Now that Android will become a serious competitor in the tablet market, The Daily can look towards them for getting its content to more readers. [Read more…]

Android Devices Can be Used as Second Monitor with iDisplay

iDisplay has been launched for Android OS based devices. What it does is allow you to use your Android smartphone or tablet as a secondary display for your computer. Once installed and connected, you can then drag windows on to the smaller screen such as a Skype conversation or perhaps a media player you want to be able to see but not clutter up your main screen.

To get it to work, you need to first download the app on your Android device and once installed, you then need to install some software on your Mac or Windows computer so that your Android smartphone/tablet can hook up and get the data it needs. [Read more…]

iPad Took 93% of the Market Q3 2010

When Apple launched the iPad in April 2010, it was really the first major tablet to hit the market. We had seen others before based on Microsoft that were generally convertible tablets. What we hear today is that in the 3rd quarter of 2010, the Apple iPad accounted for 92% of the tablet market. This particular number gives a good hint at what competition was out there… not much to be fair.

2011 is going to be a little different though. Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb rolled out today on the Motorola Xoom and there are a number of large manufacturers launching Android based tablets over the coming months. As well as many Android tablets, the BlackBerry Playbook is launching soon along with the HP TouchPad. [Read more…]

Android Market Books Section Goes Live

Earlier this week, some URLs were uncovered on the Android Market that hinted we would be seeing a specific music, movies and books section. When visiting the Android Market URL and putting one of those three words on the end, the store actually loaded up whilst with other words and typos, nothing but a 404 was available.

What we see now is that the Books URL has officially gone live in that when you visit here, you are able to download books like the one from Glenn Beck pictured below for $9. [Read more…]

iOS 4.3 Release Date Hinted at March 2

iOS 4.3 has hit Golden Master stage which means it’s almost ready for launch. When iOS hits this stage, it is common for the public release to follow about a week after. This changed when iOS 4.2 was released due to some WiFi bugs found late in the game, however, it is normal that GM is finalized code.

With the code being finalized, it will now be ready to launch and rumors are hinting that it could be announced alongside the iPad 2 on March 2nd (Wednesday) next week. For those who like to track these things, the build number should be 8F190. [Read more…]

Thunderbolt Ready Products Now Available

Yesterday, the Thunderbolt connector was made official. The first device to get a Thunderbolt port is the 2011 MacBook Pro range. At that time, there were no official products that actually worked with the new connector other than being able to hook up to DVI due to compatibility.

We now see that a couple of new Thunderbolt ready devices have launched. One is from LaCie while the other is from Promise. [Read more…]

HTC Thunderbolt Could be Delayed According to BestBuy Tweet

The Roseville BestBuy store has tweeted that the HTC Thunderbolt has been delayed and that it will now launch on March 4th.

The original Tweet has now been deleted although plenty of blogs managed to grab a screenshot before the tweet was taken down. [Read more…]