White iPhone 4 To Arrive in the UK in March

We are hearing reports today that the White iPhone 4 will finally be landing in the UK next month in March. This will finally see the smartphone being made available several months after it was originally intended to arrive.

Back in June 2010, the iPhone 4 was announced and also Apple announced at the time that they would have a white version available. The white version was then delayed and delayed again and we are still waiting for it to arrive.

Speculations revolved a lot around the white not being white enough although on the Engadget show, Woz hinted that it was more to do with flash leakage when taking pictures that caused the problem.

Either way, it is now believed that the issue causing the problem is now resolved and that in 2 months time, you’ll be able to pick up a white iPhone 4 if needed.

What we recommend is that you just wait another few months till June as the iPhone 5 is expected to launch.

Via: Gaj-It

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