PlayBook and BlackBerry Connection Demonstrated on Video

You probably know that the PlayBook from RIM is a device that can, in some ways, work alone. But for the corporate email type stuff, the device actually needs to be tethered to a BlackBerry smartphone to function correctly.

Up until this video (embedded below) was released, many were just taking a guess at exactly how the connection between the two devices would work. Thankfully, we now know exactly what to expect.

What we see in the video is the PlayBook connected wirelessly up to a BlackBerry Torch and with that connection, the PlayBook is able to check email and edit what is on the BlackBerry. However, the data is just on loan so to speak, as when the connection is broken, the emails are removed from the PlayBook and cannot be accessed until a connection is restored.

It isn’t too clear why RIM want to go this route (other than perhaps a security risk?) rather than having both devices work completely independently. The PlayBook is actually a fantastic tablet computer from what we have seen although, perhaps a little restricted with having to tether to perform many of the business functions.

What are your thoughts? Should RIM cut the connection between them and let the PlayBook work as a full stand alone device?

The video is below and covers mostly the email part of the service and how each is synced real time. For example, you read an email on the PlayBook and it’s marked as read on the BlackBerry.

Via: Engadget


  1. andrew Hoffman says

    The main reason I bought a Torch was because I found out abut the future arrival of the Playbook.I though it would be terrific to have a tablet device that you could use in partnership with my Blackberry Torch.The ting that worries me about having it dependent on the phone’s bluetooth is the cost in terms of very high data costs.This is why i would prefer the Playbook to have a stand alone 3G capacity.It would also give the Playbook the ability to support Full
    flash .I think it is crucial for Playbook to have full Flash to play videos .My Torch doesn’t have full flash,can’t play a lot of videos which is very frustrating.IT WOULD BE NICE IF YOU COULD have tethering and 3G.If push comes to shove I would go for 3G every day.

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