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Cyanogen brings Android 2.1 to T-Mobile G1 and others

An early build of Android 2.1 has now been made available for the T-Mobile G1, aka HTC Dream and also the HTC Magic. The build isn’t final, but most of the features are functioning on these devices.

You are now able to download the ROM to install on your phone, but Cyanogen does recommend caution as DangerSPL is required on the G1/Dream or you wont be able to install the new ROM. For those with the HTC Magic, the process does not require the DangerSPL to be installed.

A few things to note for those wanting to install DangerSPL is that you need to follow instructions precisely just so you don’t end up turning your phone in to a brick. [Read more…]

Flash 10.1 for Android to arrive in June

Adobe have announced that Flash 10.1 will be launching on Android in June.

The Flash 10.1 player will first be made available for a public preview in May at the Google I/O event with the launch following shortly after that.

From what we understand, Android 2.2 (or Froyo) will have native flash support which means we might also be seeing Android 2.2 in June rather than May as was rumoured. [Read more…]

Microsoft Courier Confirmed and Killed in one Paragraph

Microsoft [MSFT] have made a surprise statement today which mentions a couple of things. First off, it confirms the existence of the Microsoft Courier, but then continues to say the project is now being closed down for the unforeseeable future.

The information comes from Microsoft who’s Corporate VP of communications, Frank Shaw, said…

At any given time, we’re looking at new ideas, investigating, testing, incubating them. It’s in our DNA to develop new form factors and natural user interfaces to foster productivity and creativity. The Courier project is an example of this type of effort. It will be evaluated for use in future offerings, but we have no plans to build such a device at this time.

[Read more…]

ASUS Eee PC 1015P Passes FCC Approval

ASUS are launching another netbook. This wont come as a surprise as we tend to mention several new models each month from their Eee range.

The next one being released is believed to be the ASUS Eee 1015P. It has just passed FCC approval meaning we could be seeing it within the next month or so.

We first heard of the Eee 1015P back in February with some leaked information saying it would run an Intel Atom N450 processor and have Wireless 802.11n for connectivity. The keyboard is chiclet style. [Read more…]

Google Android Dragonpoint TV Box from Sony

Google [GOOG] could be launching a new version of Android called Dragonpoint.

This information comes from information found over at Bloomberg that says…

“Sony, aiming to win back share lost to Samsung Electronics Co. and LG Electronics Inc., would use Intel and Google to help produce televisions and Blu-ray DVD players with Internet access. Intel, whose processors run 80 percent of personal computers, wants to get its chips into new areas, including mobile phones and consumer electronics…

…Intel is contributing a customized version of its Atom chip that will run a new version of Google’s Android operating system called Dragonpoint.”

[Read more…]

Apple iPad 3G Delivered

One lucky Apple iPad 3G pre-orderer managed to get his iPad 3G delivered today. It was bound to happen when thousands, or hundreds of thousands of products are shipping and we suspect it has happened to others too.

Although there is no picture of the back of the iPad, you can still see the top edge of the device that has the black edging to show it is an iPad 3G. Of course it could be faked, but what would be the point of that!

Via: Engadget

Skyfire 2.0 for Android Launched

Skyfire 2.0 for Android has launched bringing a new browser to the Google [GOOG] mobile OS.

SkyFire 2.0 includes a cloud-computing toolbar called the SkyBar that brings three key features that are missing from the native Android browser and a competitor, Fennec.

The SkyBar includes Video, Explore and Share. The SkyBar sits at the bottom of the screen and acts as a secondary toolbar to the browser and brings a few unique features.

Video is a function that can fix broken Flash videos. When loading up a video on an Android device it is often not possible to play the video. This button fixes that allowing a warning to pop up that launches the video in to a pop up player. [Read more…]

AT&T Micro SIM Ready for Apple iPad 3G Launch

With the Apple iPad 3G launch being tomorrow, those who want service on the AT&T network will need to use a micro SIM. A micro SIM is very similar to a regular SIM card other than it’s about half the size. A user posted an image over to BGR showing how the new micro SIM cards look.

What we see is that the contacts are in the same location as a regular SIM card (which we already were aware of), but what we also see is that AT&T seem to be shipping micro SIM’s to customers now where if a larger SIM is needed in a device the user can punch out the larger card and if an iPad 3G or iPhone 4G is being used the smaller SIM can be punched out of the larger SIM.

However, once the micro SIM is punched out it wont be able to be used as a regular SIM unless a 3rd party adapter is used. We do not know of any 3rd party adapters yet for the new SIM card format, but no doubt someone will create one. [Read more…]

LG Optimus GT540 Announced

Last week we heard some information about the LG Optimus being launched soon. More details have now arrived.

The Optimus runs Google Android and is described as being a phone for beginners. It runs Android 1.6, allows GMail, YouTube, Gtalk and Google Maps as well as a number of other Google branded services to be accessed from the handset by using a synced Google account.

LG haven’t left Android 1.6 as standard though and have made a few changes here and there to allow integration with social networking that brings Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to a real-time update service on the home screen. [Read more…]

Google Mobile Image Search improved with Speed and new Design

Google [GOOG] has made an update to the mobile image search feature on devices such as the iPhone running OS 3.0 and above and Android 2.1 devices. The new image search functions now run quicker and are easier to use than previously.

The new system allows for 16 thumbnails to be displayed on a single page in either portrait or landscape mode. When clicking a thumbnail of an image the thumbnail is then loaded on an individual page where you can scroll through thumbs by swiping left and right across the screen. Information about the image including the origin URL are included as well as buttons to take you back to the results, or to load a larger image if available. [Read more…]

PadRacer for iPad uses iPhone for Controls

Yesterday we wrote about Chopper 2 that used a bluetooth connection between the iPad and the iPhone allowing the iPhone to be used as a controller. That particular game wont be launched for a couple of months.

But, there is another game already released called PadRacer that also uses the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch as a wireless controller for the game. Up to four players can connect their iPhones to the iPad and race around various tracks.

The video below shows the game in action where response looks good and the game looks fun to play. [Read more…]

webOS Launches on Verizon

webOS is now on it’s way to Verizon webOS devices.

The update has come at a time when HP have announced they are buying Palm, so it’s good to see that things are still moving in the right direction.

Things included appear to be some fixes to the accuracy of the keyboard where letters are not repeating as much. Also GPS fixes are happening a lot quicker from what we have read which wasn’t the case on the Palm Pre Plus running an older OS install. [Read more…]