PadRacer for iPad uses iPhone for Controls

Yesterday we wrote about Chopper 2 that used a bluetooth connection between the iPad and the iPhone allowing the iPhone to be used as a controller. That particular game wont be launched for a couple of months.

But, there is another game already released called PadRacer that also uses the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch as a wireless controller for the game. Up to four players can connect their iPhones to the iPad and race around various tracks.

The video below shows the game in action where response looks good and the game looks fun to play.

The game is available in the iTunes store now for download at $4.99 and does require you have an iPhone or iPod Touch to control it.

Via: SlashGear


  1. I just had to buy that and give it a go. The game itself is pretty crap but the concept is really good, I reckon there’ll be some very cool iPad/iPhone combined games later in the year

    • I do like the look of these games using iPhone’s as controllers and hope we see a lot more of them. It’s a unique and good idea. I was going to import an iPad but decided to just wait and pre-order next month. From what I’ve heard, they are very good.

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