Google Android Dragonpoint TV Box from Sony

Google [GOOG] could be launching a new version of Android called Dragonpoint.

This information comes from information found over at Bloomberg that says…

“Sony, aiming to win back share lost to Samsung Electronics Co. and LG Electronics Inc., would use Intel and Google to help produce televisions and Blu-ray DVD players with Internet access. Intel, whose processors run 80 percent of personal computers, wants to get its chips into new areas, including mobile phones and consumer electronics…

…Intel is contributing a customized version of its Atom chip that will run a new version of Google’s Android operating system called Dragonpoint.”

We have heard before that Google, Intel and Sony are working together to produce a Google TV, but up till now this is the first we have heard of a specific version of Android being created for TV.

An official announcement is expected next month around May 19 or 20. Right now Google do not have any comment on this information and have said they “don’t comment on rumor or speculation”.

Via: Gizmodo


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