Flash 10.1 for Android to arrive in June

Adobe have announced that Flash 10.1 will be launching on Android in June.

The Flash 10.1 player will first be made available for a public preview in May at the Google I/O event with the launch following shortly after that.

From what we understand, Android 2.2 (or Froyo) will have native flash support which means we might also be seeing Android 2.2 in June rather than May as was rumoured.

We haven’t had any word from Google [GOOG] yet on the launch of Android 2.2 but recently the OS did start showing up in the statistics of a number of sites (including gadgetvenue) which indicates the final build is almost ready.

Features that we have heard of include the Flash 10.1 mentioned here and the ability to automatically update applications in the marketplace. That system works by showing a checkbox on each app you have installed and if checked, any updates will install automatically. That particular rumour might not be correct though, but there were images showing the checkbox in the market place.

When we get more details of Android 2.2 we’ll post them here as soon as possible.

Via: Engadget

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