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Android for your Car Coming Soon

Chinese manufacturer Roewe are producing an Android OS based system for cars. it is expected that the new Android Car product will launch as early as this month sometime in April.

The system will run Google [GOOG] Android 2.1 which is also a nice surprise as that version of the OS is currently the latest available to the market. Phones such as the Google Nexus One, Motorola DROID and a couple of others run this OS.

By using Android in a vehicle it allows a number of features to be used on the car such as GPS guidance, navigation as well as web browsing and calls with services such as Skype. The device will have a screen on the centre console allowing for access to the services provided. [Read more…]

Panasonic say No to Google TV

We have heard a few things over the last few weeks about the Google TV whereby Google [GOOG] are working with different manufacturers to get their Android operating system built in to HDTV’s. A deal with Sony has already been sorted along with Intel who will provide the necessary chips.

Panasonic on the other hand though are not going to be putting Google Android in to their TVs. The reason for this is that although the Android OS will be free to use, the extra processing power needed will bump up the production costs which Panasonic do not want to do right now.

Instead of using Google Android, Panasonic instead will use their own proprietary system that is capable of bringing Netflix and YouTube to their television sets. [Read more…]

Apple iPad International Launch April 24 – Rumor

Apple [AAPL] are launching their iPad on Saturday 3rd April in the US… Wi-Fi only version. We are not sure why they chose Saturday for it as launch days are normally Friday, but however… it is indeed Saturday and that has been a known date for a while now. The only information we have heard concerning a launch date in the UK and other countries internationally is that it’s going to be late April.

We are now hearing reports that April 24th (again a Saturday – and the last Saturday in April I might add), has been tagged by the Apple Store in Canada as a “black-out date” which essentially means a date where no employees can take time off.

Considering it’s late April and it falling on the last Saturday in April, we are inclined to believe that the iPad could arrive in the UK, Canada and all other countries who were scheduled to get it late April on April 24. This we assume would also include the launch of the Apple iPad Wi-Fi+3G models too. [Read more…]

1350 Apple iPad Apps ready for Browsing – Leaked

AppAdvice have managed to connect to the Apple iPad apps feed that will let you browse through the applications that will be made available on launch day. So far there appears to be 1350 of the applications. You can browse through them over here.

The service shows a screen shot of the application along with a description and pricing along with availability dates.

It’s interesting have a scan through to see what will be launched on April 3 this Saturday when the Apple iPad [AAPL] finally launches.

The video below also shows App Advice flipping through about 700 apps if you don’t want to browse them yourself, or if Apple cut the feed off for some reason. [Read more…]

Smart Car gets Smartest Apple iPhone App

We don’t normally cover information about cars here at gadgetvenue, but for this new Apple iPhone app we thought it was worth a mention due to it being an in-car app for the iPhone.

The application is called Smartest and it’s a dock and application that integrates with your Smartcar. The application has been designed to be used in a car and thus, the icons are larger as well as the text larger and less clutter is to be found on the screen to avoid distracting the driver.

Functions include the ability to play your music over the cars internal radio. The application integrates with the music found on your iPhone and lets you browse through it to play it back in the car. It makes for a good music player. Another interesting application built in is internet radio that lets you stream music from radio stations around the globe to your iPhone and in turn, this is output to the speakers on the car. [Read more…]

iCade for Apple iPad

If you want to play games on the Apple iPad then perhaps one of these funky cabinets should be on your shopping list. Each is designed to dock the iPad on the front and provides old style arcade controls to play games on such as Donkey Kong.

To get the iCade working for iPad you need to download a free application on your iPad that allows it to interface with the cabinet. Once installed you simply dock your Apple iPad and load up the application. Full specifications can be found after the jump. [Read more…]

Apple iPad Unboxing Video

Now the Apple iPad Reviews have been done by large publications, it’s now time for an Apple iPad unboxing. Thanks to Stephen Fry and Cali Lewis, we have two unboxing videos to present to you. The first one on display below is done by Cali Lewis and shows everything that’s in the box along with an entertaining dialogue along side it. Remember that as it’s April 1st, you can also watch the video in YouTube ASCII if you wish…

[Read more…]

Zune HD Firmware 4.5 Captured on Video

Yesterday a new 64GB Zune HD was announced and within that announcement a new firmware numbered 4.5 was also mentioned that was going to be bringing several new features to the Zune HD.

“Microsoft also announced a new firmware update that is also in the works that brings more features to the Zune HD. This includes Smart DJ auto-playlists and the ability to steam music from the Zune Marketplace through your TV (if the TV is connected through the A/V dock). Codec support has also been expanded to include more playable formats on the device.”

[Read more…]

Apple Sued for Multi-Touch Patent Infringements

We are hearing this morning that Apple [AAPL] themselves are being sued for infringing on a multi-touch patent of a company called Elan Microelectronics Corp. That company are now taking the case to the U.S. trade agency in an attempt to ban the import and sales of the Apple iPad, iPod Touch and the iPhone.

Elan’s complaint filed with the U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington claims Apple ‘knowingly and deliberately¬Ě used Elan’s technology, while continuing to introduce infringing products, the company claims in the complaint.

‘Our goal is to protect our technology and to stop sales of those products in the U.S.,¬Ě Dennis Liu, spokesman for Hsinchu, Taiwan-based Elan.

[Read more…]

PeeWee Power Laptop Announced

We have seen the PeeWee tablet in the past. We have now received information on the PeeWee Laptop that has launched. Just like the PeeWee tablet, the PeeWee laptop (we prefer to call it a netbook) runs an Intel Atom N450 processor, has a 10.1 inch screen, 1GB of RAM a 6 cell battery and runs the Windows XP operating system.

The PeeWee range of devices are aimed primarily at children ages 4 – 8 years old. They are built to be durable and also are spill resistant making them quite strong when in the hands of youngsters.

PeeWee offer a 3 year no fault warranty also on this netbook making it quite a good deal. The device it’s self costs $499.99 and is available to buy now over at PeeWeePC. [Read more…]

Google add ASCII Mode to YouTube

Google [GOOG] have added an interesting change (perhaps for April fools day only) that can convert videos to ASCII art. The option can be found on any video by simply clicking on the tab in the video box where you set the resolution. The option is called TEXTp and can be found at the top of the list on any video selected (note that it won’t work on a users page, so you’ll need to be on the single video page).

A video demonstration can be found below which shows our trip to Silverstone a few years back. [Read more…]

Apple iPad Review Roundup

Various web sites have managed to review the Apple iPad yesterday to give it the full run down and to also see if it lives up to the hype of it being magical and revolutionary. Initial reports seem to indicate that Apple have nailed it much like they did when the Apple [AAPL] iPhone first launched in 2007.

The Apple iPad review from Walt Mossberg (AllThingsD) indicates that for many the Apple iPad will work very well. If you want to browse the web, use social networking, send email and use day to day tasks it’s ideal for you. Walt did however point out that it had a number of restrictions such as there being no webcam for video calls which some might have liked to use the device for. In regards to the 10 hour battery life claimed by Apple (which some expected to be lower), Walt actually managed to get over 11 hours of usage out of it when testing from 6am till after 5pm playing videos back to back and surfing, emailing etc… That’s quite impressive considering most companies over estimate when it comes to battery life. [Read more…]