LG Optimus GT540 Announced

Last week we heard some information about the LG Optimus being launched soon. More details have now arrived.

The Optimus runs Google Android and is described as being a phone for beginners. It runs Android 1.6, allows GMail, YouTube, Gtalk and Google Maps as well as a number of other Google branded services to be accessed from the handset by using a synced Google account.

LG haven’t left Android 1.6 as standard though and have made a few changes here and there to allow integration with social networking that brings Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to a real-time update service on the home screen.

We hear the phone will launch this Saturday although there is no pricing confirmed just yet. With it being a phone for beginners I suspect it will be free on fairly low cost 18 month and 24 month contracts.

When we find out the cost of the phone, on contract, off contract and SIM free as well as who will be providing it, we’ll also provide an update to let you know what’s happening.

Via: Pocket-Lint

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