ASUS Eee 1015P, 1016P and 1018P Leaked

Details have emerged about three new ASUS Eee PC’s that are expected to be launched at CeBIT in the next few days. Each of the Eee PC’s falls in to the 1000 series and therefore, each has a 10 inch screen. It is expected that each of the netbooks will also run the Intel Atom N450 processor.

ASUS Eee 1015P

The ASUS Eee 1015P is an update to the ASUS Eee 1005P, but in this build it has a larger touchpad. It has a matte display and chiclet keys but the body of the netbook has been uprated to aluminium. The battery life is also similar to the 1005PE in that it gets around 14 hours although that is without wireless switched on, and we assume without too much demand on the processor. Either way, 14 hours with all that switched off should still see a good amount of hours with wifi switched on.

ASUS Eee 1016P

The ASUS Eee 1016P according to a source is supposed to be aimed more towards business. Design wise, it’s more squared off and has an aluminium casing, chiclet keys and a 14 hour battery life. Perhaps the “business” part of it includes some sort of security system.

ASUS Eee 1018P

The ASUS Eee 1018P has a 10 hour battery life and is the thinnest of the netbooks ASUS have ever made. It measures 18mm thick and has an integrated fingerprint scanner along with a USB 3.0 connection. The 1018P is pictured below…

CeBIT is to be held in a few days time where I am sure ASUS will have more details about these new netbooks allowing us to provide the full details. Via: Blogeee

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