AT&T Micro SIM Ready for Apple iPad 3G Launch

With the Apple iPad 3G launch being tomorrow, those who want service on the AT&T network will need to use a micro SIM. A micro SIM is very similar to a regular SIM card other than it’s about half the size. A user posted an image over to BGR showing how the new micro SIM cards look.

What we see is that the contacts are in the same location as a regular SIM card (which we already were aware of), but what we also see is that AT&T seem to be shipping micro SIM’s to customers now where if a larger SIM is needed in a device the user can punch out the larger card and if an iPad 3G or iPhone 4G is being used the smaller SIM can be punched out of the larger SIM.

However, once the micro SIM is punched out it wont be able to be used as a regular SIM unless a 3rd party adapter is used. We do not know of any 3rd party adapters yet for the new SIM card format, but no doubt someone will create one.

iPad users should be seeing these micro SIM cards arriving with the iPad from what we understand, and perhaps they will already be preinstalled. We’ll let you know how all that works when the first units start arriving tomorrow.

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