Apple iPad Chopper 2 game uses iPhone as bluetooth Controller

The iPhone has been used before on iPad apps. One such game is Scrabble where each connected iPhone acts as a tile rack for each player.

A new idea has been created by a company called Magic Jungle Software that uses the iPhone as an actual game controller. The iPhone connects up to the iPad via a bluetooth connection and then movement is tracked along with taps on the screen making a unique control pad for the game.

The game currently being tested and developed is called Chopper 2 where a small chopper is controlled by the iPhone. The screen on the iPad is used, or if the TV out is used it can be connected up to a HDTV to provide a larger screen. Chopper 2 is a sequel to Chopper which is for the iPhone and iPod Touch. That game was downloaded over a million times.

The game has been developed along with the control system which aims to not step on to the Apple [AAPL] API’s that are private. By using regular API’s it gives the game a good chance of being approved.

It is expected that the game will be launched June 2010 which isn’t too far away although the developers do say that is subject to change.

Check out the videos below that show the game in action. The first shows the game being played on an iPad and the second shows the same game but being transmitted to a 42 inch HDTV.

Via: SlashGear

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