Cyanogen brings Android 2.1 to T-Mobile G1 and others

An early build of Android 2.1 has now been made available for the T-Mobile G1, aka HTC Dream and also the HTC Magic. The build isn’t final, but most of the features are functioning on these devices.

You are now able to download the ROM to install on your phone, but Cyanogen does recommend caution as DangerSPL is required on the G1/Dream or you wont be able to install the new ROM. For those with the HTC Magic, the process does not require the DangerSPL to be installed.

A few things to note for those wanting to install DangerSPL is that you need to follow instructions precisely just so you don’t end up turning your phone in to a brick.

Features that were just too large to fit in the ROM include the following…

What’s NOT included that you’d find on a Nexus One:
* Launcher2 (too clunky for these devices)
* Stock Live Wallpapers (LWP support is there, but may not work with all LWP apps and/or performance may be bad)
* Facebook (install from the Market, contact sync works perfect)
* Google Voice (install from Market, push notify works perfect)

Other than that you are good to go. Just proceed with caution though and remember that this is a test build. Full instructions can be found over at XDA Developers where there is also a link to download all the necessary files needed to run the ROM. Also, it is recommended you wipe your device before proceeding. Instructions can be found within the XDA post on how to achieve that.

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