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Apple iPad Doesn’t have Flash

When the Apple [AAPL] iPad promotional video launched it showed the iPad tablet browsing the New York Times webpage along with Adobe Flash content integrated. This caused some interest around the web as people started to believe that the iPad would support flash content which would then lead to the iPhone and iPod Touch also including it as they will run from the same OS soon.

However, it seems like Apple’s marketing department actually added the flash content in manually to the final cut of the video as the more accurate result is that you should see a blue brick asking you to install flash. [Read more…]

Apple iPad Theme for iPhone

The iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad all use the same operating system although the iPad when launched will run version 3.2. There are a few differences in OS 3.2 which can now be put on to the Apple [AAPL] iPhone.

To achieve getting the 3.2 functionality on to OS 3.0 on the current iPhone you need to jailbreak your phone first. Once done you can simply install a number of apps that replicate the functions of the iPad such as a new iBooks Store, iWorks suite etc… [Read more…]

Android Lock for iPhone

An application for iPhone users has been created that emulates the graphical dot to dot style lock on Android based phones. The normal way to access a locked iPhone is by using a 4 digit pin code. The Android lock system uses a series of nine dots in a 3 x 3 square that you need to replicate a pre-set pattern to unlock the phone. This functionality can now be loaded on to iPhones that have been jailbroken.

For details on how the application works and what it does and how to install it check out the video after the jump. The application needs to be downloaded and installed. Once installed you simply go to the settings and activate it. You can choose if you also have the pin code active for a second layer of security, but if you just want the 3×3 grid then just disable the PIN code security check. [Read more…]

Kingston DataTraveler 5000 with 256-Bit AES Hardware Encryption

Kingston have launched the Kingston DataTraveler 5000 USB flash drive. Although it doesn’t come with the highest capacities we expect these days from flash drives, it does protect data by featuring 256-bit AES hardware encryption.

The 256-bit AES hardware encryption uses XTS mode which Kingston say is much stronger than the CPC and ECB modes available. By using XTS along with Elliptic Curve Cryptology encryption algorithms (ECC) the drives actually meet Suite B standards that are approved by the US government… ie, it’s a safe place to dump your files. [Read more…]

Canon EOS 60D and new Rebel Tipped for PMA Photography Expo

The PMA Photography Expo is just around the corner and a leak today makes mention that Canon could be showing off Digital SLR cameras with swivelling displays. Two new cameras were specifically mentioned which includes the Canon EOS 60D and a new Rebel which both are reported to feature an articulating LCD display to allow image capture at awkward angles.

The Canon 60D will fall in to the mid-range category of Canon DSLR cameras and the tipster mentions that the 60D will contain the same metal body of the EOS 50D along with the same 15 megapixel resolution although the sensor used to achieve that will be new. It is expected that the low-light sensitivity of the EOS 7D will be found in the 60D. [Read more…]

Apple iPad Scosche kickBACK Case

The iPad from Apple [AAPL] has only been officially known a few days but this hasn’t stopped a number of accessories being created for it that will be made available around the time of the official launch.

The next accessory we have spotted is the kickBACK Case from Scosche. The kickBACK allows the Apple iPad to function in both portrait and landscape mode. [Read more…]

Apple iPad Sleeves launched by Belkin

Belkin have created three new sleeves for the Apple iPad that are each reinforced on the front to protect the large touch-screen surface of the iPad.

Each of the three new cases is slim, but also allows for accessories to be carried around when needed. The sleeves are called the Vue, Max and Grip and measure about 10 inches diagonally to let an iPad sit comfortably but securely inside.

The Vue iPad case has a windowed pocket on the side allowing you to see the accessories you store such as a smartphone. The Max sleeve has a pleated design that allows the pocket to expand to store more accessories inside. When nothing needs to be stored the pocket folds away. [Read more…]

Dell Adamo Admire now below $1000

Dell have launched the Adamo Admire that is priced below $1000 running at $999. What you get for $999 is a super slim great looking laptop that has a 720p HD screen measuring 13.4 inches. The processor isn’t the fastest at 1.4GHz although it is an Intel Core 2 Duo.

The Adamo Admire runs Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) and has a full sized keyboard. For memory it has 2GB of 800MHz DDR3 dual-channel memory and for storage, a 128GB solid state drive (SSD).

The full sized keyboard on the Adamo Admire is back-lit and has a metallic key cap design. A 1.3 megapixel webcam can be found integrated in the bezel as well as an integrated microphone. [Read more…]

149 Inch Mitsubishi OLED TV to go on Display in Feb

Next week Mitsubishi will be putting on display a 149 inch prototype OLED display at ISE 2010 in Amsterdam. The huge OLED display has a resolution of just 1088 x 640 pixels though as each pixel measures 3mm which when viewed from far still gives a very impressive picture from what reports say.

The light output measures 1500cd/m2 and the production model will run several times brighter than a regular LCD display. By having such a bright screen it makes it functional in indoor and bright lit areas. [Read more…]

HTC HD2 Appears to have Hidden RAM

Last week we reported that the HTC HD2 going to the T-Mobile network in the US had a little extra RAM. This led to beliefs that the Windows Mobile 7 update would be going to the US T-Mobile versions but not to other HD2 users across the globe. However, a bit of investigation in to other HD2’s with the lower amounts of RAM has revealed that they might actually have the extra 128MB sitting dormant waiting for a firmware update to open it up.

The details were found by the guys on the XDA-Developers forum who found a leaked ROM/Radio upgrade where the hidden RAM was unlocked. [Read more…]

iPhone Fring now works over 3G

Apple [AAPL], on Wednesday opened up VoIP capabilities over 3G networks in their latest SDK. Immediately after launched the iCall application was modified to allow for 3G VoIP calls to be made. Next on the list is Fring who have now modified their VoIP app to be 3G-friendly.

Before Wednesday 27th January 2010 restrictions on the iPhone only allowed VoIP calls to be made over wireless networks meaning that to get cheaper or free calls you had to be in an accessible wireless hotspot. These limitations are now gone. [Read more…]

iPhone 3.2 SDK Allows VoIP Calls over 3G

Apple [AAPL] have lifted the restrictions that prevent making VoIP calls over 3G networks on their latest iPhone SDK 3.2.

What this means is that applications such as Skype will allow you to make international calls over 3G networks allowing you to take advantage of minutes and data to make cheap calls overseas. Also with the iPad launching soon this will also allow the 3G version of the device to potentially make Skype calls as well as Skype video calls (of course, receiving video only). [Read more…]