Apple iPad Theme for iPhone

The iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad all use the same operating system although the iPad when launched will run version 3.2. There are a few differences in OS 3.2 which can now be put on to the Apple [AAPL] iPhone.

To achieve getting the 3.2 functionality on to OS 3.0 on the current iPhone you need to jailbreak your phone first. Once done you can simply install a number of apps that replicate the functions of the iPad such as a new iBooks Store, iWorks suite etc…

Full details of how to do this are included in the video below which goes through a step by step guide on converting your iPhone over.

A list of the apps can be found just below which you will need to install to get things working…
* Winterboard app via Cydia
* ‘Simple iPad Themeย via Cydia
* MakeItMine app via Cydia to Change the Carrier logo to iPad.
* Shrink app via Cydia to reduce the size of all the icons on the springboard.
* ProSwitcher via Cydia for Multitasking.
* NYTimes The New York Times app for iPhone via App Store
* Classics The iBooks lookalike app for iPhone via App Store
* Kindle for iPhone via App Store

Via: Redmondpie


  1. Awesome! This is genius ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. very fun. now i’m waiting to get the real thing.

  3. All looks great in the video – try jailbreaking a 3.1.3!
    First you have to down grade firmware to 3.1.2 – then jailbreak begins – if you can find the right link for download, all I seemed to do is click one link then to another and before I knew it had about 5 windows open. When I actually found the link to download it gave me a zip .exe windows file – there was no choice or description before downloading! – and as I have a Mac running 10.5.8 an .exe file isn’t much use!
    Anyone got any pointers – mini iPad sounds like a great idea, but in the attempt to bugger my iPhone in the process – not so great – unless support or a human can advise ๐Ÿ˜‰

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