T-Mobile US HTC HD2 to get More RAM/ROM?

The HTC HD2 came with 512MB of flash ROM which doesn’t help the device run as smoothly as it potentially could. This morning it was spotted that the T-Mobile version of the HTC HD2 in the US would actually come supplied with 1GB of ROM and an extra 128MB of RAM.

It is unclear at the moment why the T-Mobile version will have more memory but some are saying it is to do with the upcoming Windows Mobile 7 launch which has the bar set at 1GB for the minimum spec. If this is the case and there is a 1GB minimum WM7 spec then does this mean the US T-Mob version of the HD2 is the only one out of the range that will get the WM7 upgrade? It’s hard to say at the moment until official announcements are made.

As well as getting more flash ROM the T-Mobile version is also going to get a 16GB memory card which is much bigger than the 2GB version that is available over in Europe.

As soon as we get official word we’ll let you know. Via: WMPowerUser


  1. when will the announcement be? any idea?

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