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An application for iPhone users has been created that emulates the graphical dot to dot style lock on Android based phones. The normal way to access a locked iPhone is by using a 4 digit pin code. The Android lock system uses a series of nine dots in a 3 x 3 square that you need to replicate a pre-set pattern to unlock the phone. This functionality can now be loaded on to iPhones that have been jailbroken.

For details on how the application works and what it does and how to install it check out the video after the jump. The application needs to be downloaded and installed. Once installed you simply go to the settings and activate it. You can choose if you also have the pin code active for a second layer of security, but if you just want the 3×3 grid then just disable the PIN code security check.

Via: AndroidSPIN


  1. HDMI 1.3 or HDMI 1.3b says

    Locking system is very useful to protect data. By using the locking system, important data will not be stolen. I am very interested in this information. After I read this article, I became interested to use this lock system applications. But, where will I get this application?

  2. You can get this application from Cydia. I have used it for a day now and it’s great, but there are a few annoying little problems. First, when you double tap the home button to bring up the music controls, the AndroidLock background is just a bit too tall and overlaps a few pixels of the music controls. Also, once you set a lock pattern through settings, it looks like you cannot disable AndroidLock. You must uninstall it to get rid of the lock pattern.

  3. Looks like a simple inbound phone call bypasses the lock – not very good

  4. I just heard about this Android lock for the iPhone program and was extremely interested. Unfortunately the program is nowhere to be found in Cydia. Has anyone heard why? Is there a repository I am missing? I have the big boss repo already, if anyone know please help me out

  5. Love this app! Exactly what i wanted. Not super protected, but at least people around me can’t just pick the phone and look at my emails/text messages.

  6. dont work on iphone?

  7. Hello, I installed this app and I write here something πŸ™ I dont no what… It is good app but I cant get to my Ipod touch 3G please help me ;-(

  8. Can I install this app for LG KU990i Viewty ? πŸ™‚

    It is touch πŸ˜›

  9. all_u_can_ask_4 says

    Does ANYone know where i can find & install an android style passcode lock for my iPhone 3gs that is NOT jailbroken??? I’ve GOT to have it, can’t find it(!) and fed up with pushing digits ppl can easily see for a passcode. Please…if anyone has a magic wand, answers or advice I’d be much oblidged!

  10. I need help, can anyone please tell me how to unlock your iphone if you have forgotten your pattern

  11. dj mix

  12. I want to instel androde lock application for my iPhone so give me a advise to me


    I downloaded the android 3×3 lock for my jailbroken iPhone 4. When I locked my phone to try out the app, i got permanently locked out. I have since been able to access my phone and it’s very frustrating. I tried re-jailbreaking my iPhone using the latest limera1n and that didn’t fix it. I’m not sure what to do. Can someone help me out?

  14. the app just cliched on me and wont let me call my phone. so how do I unlock it or delete it?

  15. the same hapen to me, but with an itouch, what sholuld i do??????

  16. How come when i click on install it says that I can’t install it because my firmware is greater than 3.2? Pleas help I want this app bad.

  17. Regarding ‘the bypasses of the lock when calls come in’, is there anything we can change to fix it? Or just have to deal with this until some new version comes up?

  18. Lillovaboy22 says

    i really want this app! but it says i can’t download because my firmware is greater than 3.2! what should i do??

  19. Alondrmarioni says

    I was really intersested in this app too. My Iphone is jailbroken and i found androidlock in cydia, the only problem is that it only allows me to cancel and not confirm… Please help me

  20. Fateh_nagm says


  21. How do I install cydia

    Please Help me!!!!!!!


  22. how do you disable android lock? because i forgot the pattern

  23. Taylor Lawrence says

    hey i have this lock on my phone and im completely locked out my phone, i dont know what to do, or how to get to emerncy calls or something HELP PLEASE!

  24. Edeliza Decena says

    πŸ™ Β Ican’t download this on cydia, when I’m trying to install there will be a message that said, Cannot comply. and It sucks!! I wanna try this, so nobody can open my phone. please help? πŸ™ Β What must I do so i can download this android lock thing.? please Β HELP. ? πŸ™

  25. Jamesmoss1993 says

    How do I get this app it just keeps saying that my firewall is greater than3.2

  26. i got it locked forgot the pattern how to unlock it now?

  27. i downloded it but it says that there was an erroloading preferences bundke for androidlock can anyone help me

  28. Hi
    Can u help me to get the dot lock on my iPod

  29. Hey!
    Thak you for this artcile, please link to downloads this apps
    thank you

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