149 Inch Mitsubishi OLED TV to go on Display in Feb

Next week Mitsubishi will be putting on display a 149 inch prototype OLED display at ISE 2010 in Amsterdam. The huge OLED display has a resolution of just 1088 x 640 pixels though as each pixel measures 3mm which when viewed from far still gives a very impressive picture from what reports say.

The light output measures 1500cd/m2 and the production model will run several times brighter than a regular LCD display. By having such a bright screen it makes it functional in indoor and bright lit areas.

The 149 inch display uses a modular set-up which has a number of 10x10cm OLED displays attached together to make the larger screen.

Prices are currently unknown and with it being built for commercial use rather than in the home we probably won’t find out anything else about it.

Via: OLED-Display

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