Canon EOS 60D and new Rebel Tipped for PMA Photography Expo

The PMA Photography Expo is just around the corner and a leak today makes mention that Canon could be showing off Digital SLR cameras with swivelling displays. Two new cameras were specifically mentioned which includes the Canon EOS 60D and a new Rebel which both are reported to feature an articulating LCD display to allow image capture at awkward angles.

The Canon 60D will fall in to the mid-range category of Canon DSLR cameras and the tipster mentions that the 60D will contain the same metal body of the EOS 50D along with the same 15 megapixel resolution although the sensor used to achieve that will be new. It is expected that the low-light sensitivity of the EOS 7D will be found in the 60D.

As well as having an improved sensor the camera will be capable of capturing 1080p video at 30 frames per second.

The Rebel camera is tipped to be similar to the Rebel T1i (aka EOS 500D) but with the similarities the camera will also use the EOS 60D’s sensor. It is expected that the new Rebel will be able to capture video at 720p at 30 frames per second although it is unclear if the camera will be able to bump that up to 1080p at a 20 fps capture like the T1i is capable of.

Prices are expected to be around $1,190 for the Canon 60D while the new Rebel is expected to be around the $800 mark.

Via: Electronista


  1. Sohel Rana says

    Thanks for this post. I am waiting for 60d and definitely I will buy this model. Currently I am using 50d but I think I need to upgrade because of movie mode.

  2. Canon 60D is an hd camcorder. Does the camcorder support VGA (640×480) video? If I want to update it to my myspace, what tool is necessary? Do I need an hd video converter on windows or mac for it (I don’t which os will support it, maybe two), I’v purchased an ifunia hd video converter for my iphone 4, which can easily convert between popular HD video formats and down-convert HD videos to SD (Standard-Definition) videos.

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