Kingston DataTraveler 5000 with 256-Bit AES Hardware Encryption

Kingston have launched the Kingston DataTraveler 5000 USB flash drive. Although it doesn’t come with the highest capacities we expect these days from flash drives, it does protect data by featuring 256-bit AES hardware encryption.

The 256-bit AES hardware encryption uses XTS mode which Kingston say is much stronger than the CPC and ECB modes available. By using XTS along with Elliptic Curve Cryptology encryption algorithms (ECC) the drives actually meet Suite B standards that are approved by the US government… ie, it’s a safe place to dump your files.

The drive can be accessed by entering a complex password. If someone else gets hold of the drive and tries to access data the drive is forced in to lockdown mode after a specified amount of invalid attempts. As well as keeping files secure from others copying and downloading the data from the DataTraveler 5000, the drive is also rugged and waterproof allowing it to go through physical abuse too. The casing is coated in titanium and stainless-steel allowing more protection to be used.

DT5000/2GB – Costs $75.74
DT5000/4GB – Costs $135
DT5000/8GB – Costs $165
DT5000/16GB – Costs $285

Kingston DataTraverler 5000 Features

* FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Certified
* Secure drive locks down after 10 intrusion attempts and encryption key is destroyed
* Enforced complex password protection password (up to 128 characters) is user set with minimum characteristics to prevent unauthorized access
* Passwords never stored on device
* Hardware designed and assembled in the U.S.
* Suite B on Board¢
* Elliptic curve cryptography
* Secure channel communication
* Digitally signed firmware updates using Suite B SHA-384 and ECDSA P-384
* DT5000 can operate with AutoRun disabled
* Enforces tamper-free AutoRun files
* Fully customizable Malware scanning option****
* Cryptography made in the U.S.
* Full Privacy 100 percent of stored data is protected by 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) hardware-based encryption ” master key recreated at logon
* Customizable preload content, full security policy customization, casing options**
* Tamper-evident tamper-evident coating/seal for physical security
* Waterproof protected against water damage
* Guaranteed five-year warranty with 24/7 customer support
* Ruggedized waterproof and titanium-coated stainless steel casing


* Dimensions 3.06″ x 0.9″ x 0.47″ (77.9mm x 22mm x 12.05mm)
* Capacities*** 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB
* Compatibility designed to USB 2.0 specifications
* Operating Temperature 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C)
* Storage Temperature -4°F to 185°F (-20°C to 85°C)
* Minimum System Requirements USB 2.0 compliant and 1.1 compatible
* Two (2) free consecutive drive letters required for use 
* Transfer Speed: 11MB/sec. Read and 5MB/sec. Write

Via: Gadgetell


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