iPhone 3.2 SDK Allows VoIP Calls over 3G

Apple [AAPL] have lifted the restrictions that prevent making VoIP calls over 3G networks on their latest iPhone SDK 3.2.

What this means is that applications such as Skype will allow you to make international calls over 3G networks allowing you to take advantage of minutes and data to make cheap calls overseas. Also with the iPad launching soon this will also allow the 3G version of the device to potentially make Skype calls as well as Skype video calls (of course, receiving video only).

The iPad it’s self comes with a microphone and speaker although that could potentially used for hands-free calls rather than trying to hold a 9.7 inch screened phone to your ear.

The iCall application is one of the first to allow this functionality allowing your dataplan to be used to make VoIP calls.

We expect more applications will follow along soon and that this allowed function will certainly shake things up in the mobile phone arena in the US.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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