Apple iPad Doesn’t have Flash

When the Apple [AAPL] iPad promotional video launched it showed the iPad tablet browsing the New York Times webpage along with Adobe Flash content integrated. This caused some interest around the web as people started to believe that the iPad would support flash content which would then lead to the iPhone and iPod Touch also including it as they will run from the same OS soon.

However, it seems like Apple’s marketing department actually added the flash content in manually to the final cut of the video as the more accurate result is that you should see a blue brick asking you to install flash.

Apple have now cleared all the confusion up by putting back the blue brick showing an honest representation of what you will see when loading the New York Times.

Although Apple haven’t allowed flash in to their iPhone OS yet, maybe (just maybe) one day they will open it up. For now we’ll have to make do with the blue brick!!

Via: MacRumours


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  2. Wow netbook without many sites can I access?? 10? 20?

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