HTC HD2 Appears to have Hidden RAM

Last week we reported that the HTC HD2 going to the T-Mobile network in the US had a little extra RAM. This led to beliefs that the Windows Mobile 7 update would be going to the US T-Mobile versions but not to other HD2 users across the globe. However, a bit of investigation in to other HD2’s with the lower amounts of RAM has revealed that they might actually have the extra 128MB sitting dormant waiting for a firmware update to open it up.

The details were found by the guys on the XDA-Developers forum who found a leaked ROM/Radio upgrade where the hidden RAM was unlocked.

At the moment the guys at XDA developers are still trying to confirm if this is in fact true, or just a rumour as the memory could either be reported wrong, or perhaps they were looking at a different ROM for another version of the phone.

We don’t know for sure if the HD2 will end up with the full amount of RAM or if there is just an error somewhere reporting incorrectly on the T-Mobile version. We’ll surely find out soon though as the months go by.

Via: PocketNow


  1. Daniel Harrison says

    What the hell is wrong with HTC? From the hidden trackpad on the HTC Touch Pro, multi-touch secreted away on the Touch Diamond, they are always sneaking easter eggs onto their phones that no-one ever gets to use!
    At least the HTC HD2 deals with this by having leaky ROMs end up on XDA. If there are bleeding edge features in my phone, I WANT TO USE THEM!

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