Samsung Go Netbook $100 Cheaper with Times Reader 2.0 Subscription

top_samsung_trThe New York Times is offering $100 of the Samsung Go Netbook when you subscribe to it’s Times Reader 2.0 subscription service. The Times Reader 2.0 is a piece of software designed for computers and is powered by the Adobe Air software. The application makes reading news papers feel more like reading a paper rather than a website.

However, it’s not all as cool as it sounds as the subscription to the NYT Times Reader 2.0 software costs a hefty $179.40 for the year and you’ll also have to pay another $279.99 for the netbook it’s self (after the $100 discount)making it a total of $459.39 to get the netbook cheaper. What I’d recommend doing is just buying another netbook that runs cheaper than $459.39 and search around elsewhere to get the news for free.

If you must have access to NYT news though and are happy to pay the subscription then the offer is not bad though as it still gives you a saving on the netbook over the regular price.

For those interested in the technical specs of the Samsung Go Netbook, it is powered by an Intel Atom N270 processor, has a 10.1″ screen, 1GB of memory and a 160GB HDD making it a fairly standard netbook.

Full details and terms over at NYT.

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