Kindle Software Update Version 2.3 Released

amazon-kindle-dxAmazon have released an update for the Amazon Kindle is said to increase battery life and provide the ability to read PDF documents as well as several other changes although it all depends which model you have to what new features and functions you get.

The new 2.3 Kindle update is designed for 2nd generation Kindles along with the Kindle DX. If you have a 1st generation device then you are stuck currently on version 1.2 of the software.

For those with either a Kindle Global Wireless or Kindle US Wireless model, you will benefit from the better battery life which allows you to read for up to 1 week on a single charge, and if wireless is off, read time is boosted to 2 weeks. The PDF reader has also been included for these devices allowing you to read a PDF file as it was generated, without loosing the formatting. Manual screen rotation is also included in this version allowing you to adjust the orientation of the device as needed.

For DX owners you also get a few other features that allow you to change the screensaver time from 5 – 20 minutes along with other PDF options such as cropping files and converting PDF to Kindle format.

For full details check out Amazon.


  1. Apple Tablet says

    It looks like the ebook reader war has started. There’s the Nook, Kindle, Microsoft Courier, and Apple Tablet.

  2. kenneth rudkin says

    Somehow all my books have been archived and I can’t get them out.
    I access a book in the archives and a sign comes up saying it will be
    shown on my home page but nothing happens.
    thank you

  3. rita fermin says

    I love your new product, I am interested in obtaining it, but could not buy because it has no books available in Spanish, I would like to know when would be available for the catalog of books in Spanish

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