Rumor: HTC HD2 to get Windows Mobile 7 Update

voadafone-htc-hd2MSMobiles have received some information indicating that the HTC HD2 will be upgradable to Windows Mobile version 7 when launched. The source also mentioned that it will be an official update rather than a hacked together version.

There is nothing backing this information up at the moment, although it doesn’t particularly sound out of place as the HD2 I suspect meets all the requirements of that operating system.

According to MSMobiles, the information will not be officially announced until Microsoft officially announced the new operating system.

Of course, don’t go buying a HD2 on the basis that you’ll get an upgrade to Windows Mobile 7 when it gets launched as it could all be false information.


  1. Craig Watlow says

    The guarantee of an upgrade is false information. If it were true, the companies involved would make an official statement and put it in writing. There has been no statement from MS or HTC. It is not going to happen.

    Also waiting on a statement from HTC about the defective camera on the HTC HD2. The widely reported camera bug has been called the Pink Aura defect. I want to know if phones will be recalled.

  2. Liam Choudry says

    Imagine if you bought this phone, with the older WinMo 6.5 operating system. Then when the newer WinMo 7 comes out next year, you go back to the store, demanding your upgrade. They say, who told you that you get an upgrade? You reply: “I read from an anonymous source on a rumor website.”

    Do you really think they’ll give you that upgrade? No. The fact that the people who manufacture and sell the phone will not give you that undertaking means that you won’t get the upgrade to a newer version next year. You’ll be stuck with the old software. Besides, the HTC HD2 still has the camera pink defect that puts an area of pink color in the center of every photo you take.

    I think it would be better to wait until the HTC Passion, which will soon be released, running Android software. Then you can avoid all those Windows Mobile problems that the HD2 has.

  3. Chris Howard says

    The pink effect on the camera has been patched to my knowledge, and they did this with the 6.1 release of windows mobile, some microsoft phones could update the OS for free if the phone and the build they had installed was recent enough. I have the HTC HDmini running Windows mobile 6.1 profesional, and while it has some issues that need patching, if they dont patch it they will pretty much have to put the free update out for the latest build to keep things smooth and happy.

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