Motorola MILESTONE Coming to UK December

motorola_milestone1According to SuperETrader, the Motorola MILESTONE (known as the DROID in the US) will be arriving on UK networks on December 7th.

Off network the phone will cost £439.99 including tax although if you wait to get it on contract that will probably reduced to next to zero.

The Motorola MILESTONE was a surprise when first mentioned in the US due to it running Android 2.0. The DROID was the first device to run this version of the operating system. The phone it’s self will have a 3.7 inch screen that is multitouch (capacitive) along with a slide out QWERTY keyboard. The camera can capture images at 5 megapixels and an LED flash is also included on the phone.

For connectivity the phone has wireless at 802.11b/g speeds along with Bluetooth 2.0 and HSDPA/HSUPA.

The phone will run Google Maps Navigation that first debut on the DROID although in Europe the navigation side of things is switched off due to legal reasons although we are hoping that will soon change.

Via: SlashGear


  1. Great news!!! Droids are invading UK now!!!

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