Kingjim Pomera Note Taking Gadget

Pomera_DM20_1This gadget falls in to the category of crazy gadgets due to me not quite understanding why it’s really needed. The Kingjim Pomera is a note taking device that has a full sized keyboard along with a 5 inch VGA screen. What it does is allows you to take notes and send emails if connected to a mobile phone.

The strange thing is that if you need a mobile phone to connect it to, then why bother with the screen on the device… perhaps a bluetooth keyboard for your current smartphone with an application installed could achieve the same goal. That aside, it looks easy to type on and for basic notepad it appears to do it’s job well.

Technical specs wise, it has 89MB of internal memory for storing notes on that can be further increased by using a microSD card.

The device can connect up to your PC via USB to transfer notes and the unit is powered by a couple of AAA batteries. It has a hefty price tag of around $399.

Via: UberGizmo

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