Sega Mega Drive iPod Dock

megadrive-26Wired came across an old beat up Sega Mega Drive and decided to tear it down to see what was exactly inside. Not surprisingly there isn’t that much… just a circuit board with a few chips on and that’s about that. The picture shows the Japanese model if my memory serves me correctly. The Japanese model had the cartridge lock (a flimsy bit of plastic that just bent if a UK/US cartridge was put in) and had the reddish highlight around the power LED.

Interestingly enough, they decided to take the main board out and put a regular iPod dock inside. The iPod dock was taped up and fit quite well as there is tons of space inside the casing.

It’s an interesting use for an old 16-bit games console… check out the full pics over at wired to see all the bits inside that were pulled out.

Charlie Sorrel / CC BY-SA 3.0

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