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Concept Wacom Style Tablet

Tablet-keyboardThis odd looking concept device is a mixture of a tablet PC with a swivel type keyboard. The concept is that you can choose to use the tablet as a tablet, ie… write on the screen by swivelling the screen around. Also it lets you use it as a laptop but also switching the keyboard for a large touchpad.

It was created by Victor Bivol and was designed for designers so they can use a large tablet for using software such as Photoshop. This means that no Wacom tablet is needed as it has one built in. [Read more…]

iRex eBook Reader partnered with Barnes & Noble

DR800_frontiRex have created an eBook reader that has an 8.1 inch touchscreen and uses stylus-based navigation. For connectivity the eBook will use 3G to allow you to download books wherever you are. iRex, based in the Netherlands, have partnered up with Barnes & Noble to integrate their online ebook store with the reader.

It was just a a few months ago that Barnes & Noble announced a partnership with the Plastic Logic eBook reader. By also signing up for the iRex, the book store hopes to get even more client reach for their store. [Read more…]

Snow Leopard Shipping August 28th

mac-os-x-snow-leopard-launchedApple are launching their latest OS named Mac OS X Snow Leopard version 10.6. This is an update to Macs that run Leopard. It will start shipping on August 28th with the update costing $29 in the US and costing £25 in the UK.

‘Snow Leopard builds on our most successful operating system ever and we’re happy to get it to users earlier than expected, said Bertrand Serlet, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering. ‘For just $29, Leopard users get a smooth upgrade to the world’s most advanced operating system and the only system with built in Exchange support.

[Read more…]

PS3 Motion Controller Confirmed for 2010

sony-ps3-motion-controllerSony have officially announced the release date of the PS3 Motion Controller. The controller will be released in Spring 2010.

The motion controller is wii-like in functions but as the PS3 has far better graphics capability we should expect to see some amazing games being launched that can make use of the new controller. [Read more…]

Maptor Concept Mapping Projector

maptorMaptor is a concept device that uses an inbuilt projector to throw a map of the current location on to a surface. It’s small enough to be worn around the neck. It has built in GPS that can track exactly where you are and then download the appropriate map and your favourite points of interest that are also projected.

The downside of this concept device is the projector. As of now there really isn’t a projector of such a small size that could successfully be used in daylight. However, a company recently were seen to be creating portable laser projectors which could potentially have application in this design. [Read more…]

Wallet MID – The Mystery Android Device?

eviGroup_wallet_midRecently we have been seeing various pictures of a MID that runs the Android OS. Today, eviGroup released some pictures of the Wallet MID that look very similar, if not the same, to the mysterious device we mentioned last week.

The Walled MID was first heard of back in May and was described as a device that is halfway between a cellphone and a tablet PC. It has a 5-inch screen and 7+ hours of battery life. As of now, it is unknown what processor powers the device. [Read more…]

Preschooler Digital Camera

Preschooler-Digital-CameraThe Preschooler Digital Camera is designed to be tough so that it can survive being handled by little ones. It is housed in a thick plastic case to protect the innards and has rubber handholds to let children grab it with both hands.

The camera has a 0.3 megapixel sensor allowing it to capture images at a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels as well as videos at a slightly lower 320 x 240 resolution. Up to 150 images can be stored on the cameras memory and video can be captured in AVI format up to 3.5 minutes. [Read more…]

BlackBerry Storm 2

BlackBerry-Storm-2-SurePress-touchscreen-with-peizo-electric-techThe BlackBerry Storm 2 was revealed a few days ago. The new version of the Storm has a more user-friendly screen technology called SurePress that uses piezo-electric displays that can detect different amounts of pressure pushing down on the screen rather than if there is a touch or not like traditional touchscreen phones.

As the Storm 2’s screen provides feedback with touch being measured it should allow for easier usage of an on-screen keyboard. [Read more…]

Casio Exilim EX-Z33 Digital Camera

Casio-Exilim-EX-Z33Casio have announced another digital point and shoot camera in the Exilim range named the EX-Z33. This camera has a 10.1 megapixel sensor, 3x optical zoom and a 2.5 inch widescreen LCD display.

Automatic face detection is included on this camera as well as an auto shutter mode that can detect blur and adjust the settings accordingly. [Read more…]

Garmin Nuvi 265 WT GPS Speed Tested

Garmin-Nuvi-GPSIf you are looking for a sat nav device that can track speeds over 500MPH then the Garmin Nuvi 265 WT was tested by it’s owner at speeds over 500MPH. To achieve this they went aboard a Cessna 750 private jet, attached it to the window and the device was capable of still being tracked.

Although 500+ seems like a nice speed to track in reality, from my understanding, GPS units can be tracked at speeds quite far above that, but still it’s still strangely interesting to see that it can be done. [Read more…]

Official Apple iPhone 3G Unlock

official_iphone_3g_unlockMost iPhone users will be aware that there are a number of unofficial ways to unlock an iPhone 3G. However, I was surprised to hear that an official way is now available.

The unlock mentioned above was used by a user over in Finland who was on the Sonera network. When the 3G S was launched uses could buy out their old contact, thus finishing the 24 month term early. This entitles those users to get a free unlock courtesy of Apple. [Read more…]

8-Bit Trip – Stop Motion Lego Animation

8-Bit-Trip8-Bit Trip is a stop motion animation made from Lego bricks that shows off a number of great 8-bit titles from the 80’s. Included games are the likes of Pacman and IK+.

The video took 1500 hours to make, and by watching it I am sure you wont be surprised thanks to all the detail and coordinated camera movement involved in the production. Check out the video after the jump. [Read more…]