iRex eBook Reader partnered with Barnes & Noble

DR800_frontiRex have created an eBook reader that has an 8.1 inch touchscreen and uses stylus-based navigation. For connectivity the eBook will use 3G to allow you to download books wherever you are. iRex, based in the Netherlands, have partnered up with Barnes & Noble to integrate their online ebook store with the reader.

It was just a a few months ago that Barnes & Noble announced a partnership with the Plastic Logic eBook reader. By also signing up for the iRex, the book store hopes to get even more client reach for their store.

iRex is a company that was founded in 2005 and stands for Interactive Reading Experience. The new reader is set to be more competition for Amazon’s Kindle as well as others like the Plastic Logic. Unfortunately, no details of pricing have been given just yet.

Via: Wired

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