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Windows Phone OS – WM 6.5 Final Build Previews

Windows-PhoneThe Windows Phone (the new name for Windows Mobile 6.5) final build has been revealed by Microsoft. The preview shows Windows Phone installed on an HTC Touch Diamond2.

The new name comes as the phone will be heavily integrated with Windows 7 on a 3 screen strategy that they have working within the cloud. When a user leaves their PC at the desk to go out and about the cloud setup will allow the user to access everything they need while on the move in effect, taking the PC in a phone with them. [Read more…]

Flyro Gyro

flyro-gyroThe Flyro Gyro is a toy which can be thrown about 100 feet. Thanks to a gyroscopic stabilizer built on the front the flyro gyro flys very well when you chuck it across a field.

When throwing the flyro you need to flick the wheel. The faster you spin the gyro the further the flyro will fly.

With its gyroscopic stabilizer wheel and unique shape, this wacky triumph of aeronautical design will make your old Frisbee seem about as entertaining as a ball of scrunched up toilet paper.

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Deal of the Day – Garmin nuvi 265T GPS

Garmin-nuvi-265TToday, Amazon are offering the Garmin nuvi 265T satnav unit for $149.99 which is a 55% saving giving you $180 off the usual price.

The Garmin nuvi 265T is a satnav device that has a 3.5 inch colour touchscreen with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. It comes preloaded with the North American City Navigator. [Read more…]