BlackBerry Storm 2

BlackBerry-Storm-2-SurePress-touchscreen-with-peizo-electric-techThe BlackBerry Storm 2 was revealed a few days ago. The new version of the Storm has a more user-friendly screen technology called SurePress that uses piezo-electric displays that can detect different amounts of pressure pushing down on the screen rather than if there is a touch or not like traditional touchscreen phones.

As the Storm 2’s screen provides feedback with touch being measured it should allow for easier usage of an on-screen keyboard.

The video below shows details on how peize tech works and how the screen goes rigid when switched off and squishy when it has power.

The BlackBerry Storm 2 should be available in October over on Verizon.

Via: TechChee and IntoMobile


  1. I was going to ask , how much, when is it officially coming out, what plan i need to switch to or upgrade (currently have premium nationwide plan)
    help ME. because i wanted to get the blackberry storm, but if this phone comes out and has all the problems fixed then ill settle for this phone

  2. They currently think that the Blackberry storm 2 will be released this fall or winter.

  3. I think I have the blackberry storm 2 but not sure when I plug it in to my computer it comes up as storm 2

  4. i live in nigeria and im intrested in the new blackberry storm2.pls whats the price and how or where can i get it.

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